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The current health system in the UK revolves around the NHS, which is an incredible resource for all UK residents, providing free health care since its launch in 1948.
The NHS is struggling under increased financial strain and cutbacks from the government. Currently many people are taking out or considering taking out private health insurance as a way to ensure they have quick access to adequate health care and treatment that cannot always be guaranteed by the NHS service. Although the NHS is an amazing healthcare provision, it doesn't always guarantee you'll receive the right treatment as and when you need it.

Here is a Quick Guide to the NHS:

There are four different healthcare providers that make up the NHS. They are; National Health Service (England), NHS (Wales), NHS (Scotland) and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. Each respective government is responsible for its health care policies and each has its own funding which comes predominantly from taxation money.

Although each service is politically governed and separately funded, you can still receive the same health care if you visit any of the countries in the UK; IE an English resident can still receive free healthcare in Scotland. Those moving into the UK from overseas can receive free health care on the NHS after legal residence is granted and they have remained here for 12 months after it has been granted to them. Those without legal residency can use the NHS for treatment but they have to pay for all services received. The systems in place to retrieve owed money is currently under review as it is not stringent or monitored properly and remains open to abuse. With more and more people entering the country both legally and illegally, the system is unable to cope with the decreased funding and increased demand for treatment.

The NHS is under increasing strain because the government has made increasing cutbacks to all levels of the service throughout the last few years. Many people have found they struggle to receive the correct treatment from their GP or specialist and waiting times for scans and operations are growing continually. Despite the best efforts of the staff, the increasing pressure on the GP practices and hospitals in the UK are negatively affecting everyone who uses the service.

To read a more detailed history of the NHS, please visit; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Health_Service